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Amplitude № 1. Irina Zadorozhnaia. Machine


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At the beginning of the XX century psychoanalyst Viktor Tausk described the case of ​​ occurrence of an imaginary ‘Influencing machine’. One of the effects produced by the impact of this machine is described as compulsion to look at pictures. The projections are shown on a plane, on the walls and windowpanes, wherein images are not as bulky as in typical hallucinations. In such a situation the visual construction becomes a tool of curvature for mental space. It appears as an external screen on which internal changes are projected, as well as simultaneously creates a chain of distances and turns into a change provocateur.

First of all I was interested in the plan of expression, namely the transition of «psychotic» from psychopathology to aesthetics. The actual speaking a visual language about the visual language itself.


28 pages


Вес 250 kg
Габариты 16 × 24 cm


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