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Anya Bocharova (sush) Фита

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Anya Bocharova (sush) about the «- Fita exhibition:

In 2016, I finally decided to collect my book «Demons», but it did not work out in any way (I must say that I gave up this venture, there will be no «Demons» yet). And the book turned into a disappeared letter — «fit». Now I didn’t have to substitute concepts, but I could just use my favorite photos and fold the spreads.

Why fita and not other lost letters? She has a very beautiful outline and has many meanings.

For me, photography is a combination of the intangible and the material, always a revelation, surprise from what you see when you print a photo. I don’t know how each photo comes out, but for me this is the meaning of life.

Hardback, 250 pages


Вес 600 kg
Габариты 25 × 24 cm


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