Alexander Chernavsky. Dialogues of Gogo and Didi

Alexander Chernavsky. Dialogues of Gogo and Didi
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Probably, this book is the homage to almost my favorite genre in art and the world. Or simply Gogo and Didi, not having agreed once, took and demanded new words for themselves. Two months of easy obsession with favorite authors: Beckett, Kafka, Guerra, Camus, Jonesco, Harms, Blok … They all merged again to have a chance to wait for Godot. And dialogues were born in all the major languages of this world that lead near a large sawn wood two people somewhere in Central Africa, perhaps even those, very first … But shhh! In this book, there are so many hints and tips.
But you will find out all this yourself if you want to read – about what Gogo and Didi can say and see today.


120 copies, handnumbered

120 pages