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Alexander Chernavsky. Ebay them all!


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LUMA Rencontres DUMMY BOOK AWARD Arles 2017


… You have cheated on us, a distraught Fritz – God has not died, he  just smells like a …
М. Uspenskiy «Paradise machine»

For many, the 20th century was a time of iron, darkness, and blood. The world was tested almost to destruction by those who love power above all. Those who could sacrifice others freely and easily. Dictators. A time of fear, death and terrible dreams. Decades of dead bodies and millions of dreadful moments.
And now? Today, E-bay hosts a brisk trade in this horror from the past. We race to acquire the busts and autographs of the darkest people from history. A dictator may be a worthwhile purchase — labelled, domesticated and safe? By buying his portrait, do you reduce the presence of the terrible in the world? Or do you buy – and thus share in the grim power of the past, with a taste of cold sweat and grave soil? They say that the world has changed dramatically. Now no one calls for arms and hatred.  Now, we all gladly consume.  There’s much less time for interrogations, dungeons and prisons.
Buy!  Sell!  Еbay them all!
150 copies
52 pages

21х29 cm

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Weight 400 g
Dimensions 21 × 30 cm