Alexander Rodchenko. Moscow postcards

Alexander Rodchenko. Moscow postcards

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Moscow, 2003 – 32 p. 21,5x21 cm

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In 1932, the publisher “Izogiz” issued photo illustrated and the famous magazine “USSR in Construction”, ordered an artist, designer and photographer Alexander Rodchenko Moscow shooting.


He shot the city before. First photos made by a camera “West Pocket Kodak” in 1925 in the courtyard, from the balcony and roof of his house on Myasnitskaya. During work as a production designer of the film “Moscow in October” in 1927, he chose expressive parts of the city for location filming. As a photographer magazines “Dayesh!”, “Smena”, the newspaper “Evening Moscow” shooting a photo essay on the new buildings. He was attracted by stories and images of two types.


In 1932, the Moscow shooting embodied in a series of postcards. It was one of the first author’s series in the history of Soviet photography. Shooting monuments, cards have existed since the beginning of the XX century.


Rodchenko showed his Moscow, which for him were important things like factory – kitchen, a phone booth or a power plant, a sports parade, postal van, street markets, garage architect Melnikov. He is as an artist, designer and photographer noticed, understood and appreciated the change of image of the city in time.




32 pages, hardcover