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Alexander Veryovkin. Untitled. From Сluster E. 2015 #2. 70×100


Artist print

Dimensions: 70×100 cm
Edition of 7
Archival inkjet pigment print
printed on Traditional Baryta Photo Paper


The print is signed and numbered by artist
Certificate of authenticity included


This print is also available in dimensions 50×70 cm
Edition of 9
Price: 500€
e-mail to request


It is known that the light from the object can not reach the observer immediately. It will take some time before the signal will overcome the required distance. Thus, looking at something, we always see it in the past. It is not the same as in the moment.


The further we look, the more the difference between the apparent and real. When we look at the photograph it is deceiving us, forcing to experience dual feelings. On the one hand, it attracts an object here and now. On the other hand, we see a figure over the image, which always refers to the past. Our subjective time does not coincide with the time in the photograph. Thus, we are excluded from what we see. Time in the past now inaccessible to us alienates and traumatizes.


«My focus lies on the concept of the research that follows from my astronomical background. It is driven by curiosity and lack of knowledge of something, and that’s important. The main topics I work with are the boundaries and transferring personal experience to the public space, various forms of everyday life, as well as communication in the era of social networks and global digital platforms. I investigate both content and new ways to interact with reality. Also important audience reaction, experiments with form, the process of cognition the world. Any daily activity may become an object of research. My intention is to apply the known means to something unfamiliar, some phenomena which are aimed to go beyond the usual language or known representation. As an artist, I’m interested in the unpredictability/paradoxicality of the final result of my research.»

Additional information

Weight 2000 g
Dimensions 57 × 20 × 20 cm

Alexander Veryovkin