Depth of Illusion by Tatyana Palyga

Depth of Illusion by Tatyana Palyga
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In this book the author explores the unique ability of photography to build connections with other artistic forms: sculpture, painting, collage, installation, performance. Photography being two-dimensional can give the illusion of volume, represent the real space or object as illusory universe, resemble documentation of an installation or of the results of a performance, look like a combination of fragments put and glued together, or it can be an abstract image which accentuates the surface of the support as this was made by the modernist painters. The illusion of depth specific to the medium allows to play with the representation or reality.
The book is based on photos taken in the urban space. They refer to constructed, staged imagery, although they all depict found and non-manipulated reality.
The book form is crucial for this project. It is a spatial, three-dimensional object which can be manipulated in a variety of ways. It contains flat images printed on paper that obtain volume when unfolded. The sequence creates visual connection between the photos. The book is “endless”: the end is the beginning. It can become a sculpture when unfolded and placed on a table.



Limited edition of 20 copies, signed and numbered by the author
Print: inkjet
Size: 15x21cm, 44 pages
Binding: leporello
Cardboard cover