The Hermitage Magazine №1-2 (17), 2011 ММXI.XII

The Hermitage Magazine №1-2 (17), 2011 ММXI.XII

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Its main theme is access to items of cultural significance, the ability to view the treasures of the Hermitage in a new exhibition format, and the organization of a new open storage area.
The porcelain museum, the Hermitage-Vyborg exhibition centre, Staraya Derevnya museum centre; both the Hermitage’s well-known addresses and its new ones, are presented in this printing of the magazine in an informative and engaging way.

In this issue: an interview with Rem Koolhaas about concepts in art and the paradoxes of space, Catherine the Great’s vis-a-vis carriage, the story of a screenplay entitled "The Hermitage", Mikhail Tzehanovsky’s classic of Soviet animation, a full and exhaustive description of the newly constructed Ice House in Saint Petersburg and all the items and equipment located in it, four stories in the form of dialogue with Masha and Zhenya, the children of museum workers, and much more.

Andrei Shelutto’s excellent design and illustrations by famous Russian artists and designers and the tremendously high printing quality give the journal a unique new look.


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