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Irina Zadorozhnaia. Aurantiafoliumia. 30×30


Artist print

Dimensions: 30х30 cm

Edition of 10 + 2 AP

Execution: Plexiglas print

The photo is sold with a sticker on the back of the print with the signature and edition number

Certificate of authenticity included

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An exercise for the dead imagination based on Lyotard’s proposed thought experiment on the explosion of the Sun.

Lyotard considered that what remains after is not the transhuman or posthuman, but rather the Inhuman. The inhuman is above all the negation of what is considered human, such as the unity of organic body and spirit, of thinking and corporeal substance.

In such a situation, the corporeal rituals that cover the rational actions of generations capable of succession become purely irrational, no longer constituting a problem-solving procedure. The point here is to distinguish knowledge into that which can/cannot be effectively interpreted into the language of the System. Unredeemable Remnant.

The Garden of Mutations is an imagined state of “in-between”. The limbo of sensations and actions that have taken place, which hang here unattached obsessive and useless images.


Irina Zadorozhnaia is a cross-disciplinary artist whose practice includes CG, animation, spatial visualizations, video and photography. Her artistic practice appeals to a possible interaction between real, virtual and hypothetical.

What defines the human/inhuman/nonhuman in the epoch of digital technologies when the latter provokes constant redetermination of the possible and the real. This case is not a simple dichotomy, but the search for a space where something ends and another thing begins. Detection of the relations between models ’describing our feelings’ and innovations.

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