Katya Yushkevich. Four Letters. First – L

Katya Yushkevich. Four Letters. First – L
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Katya Yushkevich
Four Letters. First - L

In 1990, one year before the collapse of Soviet Union which took away the last hope for socialistic dreams, Vlad Listiev launches a TV programme “Field of Wonders” in a format, which he sarcastically called “capital show”.
At that moment I was three. I lived in an ordinary family that had to face all the troubles of 1990s: backdated wages, empty shops, insecurity about tomorrow, in a family that watched “Field of Wonders” every Friday evening. We were happy when we could guess the words faster than players and laughed at the jokes of the host.
And these evenings brought us together like nothing else.
That was when I promised everybody that I would get to “Field of Wonders” one day. It seemed to be the best way to become famous and make my family be proud of me.

I have started to work on this story two years ago.
Hiding behind the promise given in childhood I was preparing a critical work about capitalist society, consumerism and commercialism. But the further it went the more it looked like fighting with the windmills. The “right” and the “wrong” were changing places, players, audience, my family, me and Yakubovitch himself intertwined in a single mass of tired, scared puppets who don’t know what they want in a huge system.
And at that moment when I was in the same dressing room with fifty-years-old Cossack captain, BDSM model fixing a ladder in the stocking with the nail polish, children, dogs and folk band of songs and dances, which had problems with playing its CD at the wrong time, I suddenly felt the unity which, as it turned out, I was pursuing during this two-years-long trip.
Unity through the bygone collective trauma, antinomic culture, but mostly the thing that was difficult to accept in yourself and others – simple human fragility, the weak point and the main strength.

Self-publish, 2014

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