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Ksenia Yurkova. Empty Expectations Vol.1 II, LE. 20×30


Artist print

Dimensions: 20×30 cm
Edition of 10
Archival pigment printed on archival paper

The print is signed and numbered by artist
Certificate of authenticity included

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This project appears itself in a complicated multilayer construction with a conglomeration of interrupted narratives, reflections on the material, stereotypes about the image – all mixed with the ironic pathos of seriousness, inherent to an alchemist ripping up the mystery of nature. Visual language develops itself in a set of links and attitudes. Almost like verbal one does. Whereas a word frames, encloses a part of the world (photography does it literally), then a word’s juxtaposition may cause a possibility of metatext; as well as a possibility for the words to change their meaning.

Working with a straight and modified image in this manner may cause a bad joke in spectacular’s perception. Each element of the sequence would be called into question. Visual language camouflages behind the façade of its failure. Defining at the same time a new dimension of visual space with the help of collaborations inside its structure.

Photography actualises the shape; its status and condition are placed outside brackets. Photography is the modality of the latent image, poised between life and extinction. Each shape is the Golem. Nonliving substance. The deal with reality. Alchemy is always a deal.

Ksenia Yurkova (1984) is an artist, curator, and researcher. Her leading artistic media is text, photography, video, and installation. The main focus of interest is communication and language: the varieties of its substance, the possibility of conversion, mythological aspects, stereotyping (personal and political identification), problems of memory, attitudes, and reliance. Lately, the artist has researched the phenomenon of affect in its autonomous bodily emanation; in personal and political registers. Yurkova has taken part in numerous shows and festivals worldwide and has been awarded several stipends. Her works are in public and private collections, mainly in Russia, Germany, France, Finland, and Austria. At present, Yurkova operates AIR InSILo (Austria).

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Ksenia Yurkova