Ludmila Zinchenko. Russian Forest

Ludmila Zinchenko. Russian Forest
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To Ivan Shishkin

For all nations that can formulate their relation to the forest , the latter has never been simply a zone of dense vegetation. The forest beckons and entices. As we know from fairy-tales, the forest can be munificent… or it can kill. Countless myths, legends and superstitions are connected with the forest. The forest is a mystery, a place of power and a sacred domain. Perhaps we attribute such qualities to the forest, because its dark and desolate thickets and its luminous meadows resemble the inner world of man. Like the latter, the forest is full of secrets and contradictions.

In the final account, the forest from Cherbourg to Murom is a territory of freedom. All the more in a country whose larger part is covered by forest: in Russia, forest is more than forest. It is part of the Russian national ethnic code – the forest itself as well as its images in classical landscapes.

Perhaps we are this forest ourselves? A forest without boundaries, where happiness can turn into tragedy, grief into hope, despair into love, the sacred into the vile, and doom into… salvation. This forest is infinite, without beginning or end.

Liudmila Zinchenko




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