Lyalya Kuznetsova. The Road

Lyalya Kuznetsova. The Road

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Lyalya Kuznetsova – one of the few women photographers of our compatriots who have received recognition and popularity around the world. Throughout career Lyalya Kuznetsova explores inseparable from Russian culture theme – the theme of Roma. After graduating from Kazan State aviation institute, Lyalya prior to the 1970s, worked as an engineer. But after the death of her husband, her life has changed a lot. She returned to the child ‘s dream and picked up a camera. Even in childhood Lyalya secretly watched for “beautiful, burnt by the sun” people, roma people, who lived in her aunt’s yard. But she didn’t dare to approach the encampment, because she was forbidden to approach the “kidnapper”. In 1977, being already an adult, she met a gypsy on the market in kazakhstan, came on tour in tabor, made a few shots and could not leave.

At the moment Lyalya Kuznetsova has been for over 30 years photographs the Roma, and her photos are known worldwide. Works of Lyali Kuznetsova have been exhibited in Europe and the United States, including the Corcoran Gallery in Washington. In 1997, Kuznetsova was awarded the prize of Mother Jones Leica Medal of Excellence and the Grand Prix for a photo in Paris. Already several of the worldwide publishing houses, including Aperture, produced a book of Lyalya Kuznetsova’s photographs and in July 2011 for the first time in Russia the publishing house Of leonid Gusev produced a book “The road” by Lyalya Kuznetsova. The book includes the best photos taken by the author during the whole career. In addition to a series of Gypsies the book presents the first series of “Circus”, as well as the newest series, “The Jews. Bukhara.

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