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Maria Kokunova. Voidness I. 40х60


Artist print

Dimensions: 40×60 cm

Paper size: 60х80 cm

Edition of 10

The print is signed and numbered by artist

Certificate of authenticity included

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The Emptiness project became a visual expression of my experience of pregnancy and childbirth.

For a long time, I didn’t want to have children and didn’t think of pregnancy as something unconditional. But by the age of 33, my attitude had changed: I realized that I was ready to take responsible care of another person, I was ready to become a mother. A radical change of identity no longer frightens me.

From the first days of pregnancy, I watched with surprise how my usual phenomenology of perception of perspective and space changed, how the work of all senses intensified, sensations became more intense, sounds, colors and smells literally flooded me. I was thinking about what our consciousness is, what this other thing is, the consciousness inside me, where the border between me and the outside world lies, why it becomes unsteady and begins to flicker. How can I love my child and not become attached to him at the same time?

Photography helps me not to search for answers, but rather to continue to question and observe in an attempt to understand myself.

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