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Natasha Lozinskaya. Place of power I. 40×50


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Natasha Lozinskaya is a documentary and art photographer from Russia, now based in Saint Petersburg. She graduated from Moscow Literary Institute with a specialization in poetry, and then moved to the field of photography. Photography has become another expression of poetry for her and an attempt to find a national identity and harmony with the world around, to convey nostalgic feeling of a lost home. Through photography she explores such themes as relationship with the past and homeland, archetypes, mystical realism, social and cultural features of the Russian outback in different regions.
Natasha Lozinskaya is a participant of many collective exhibitions. Her projects were published in such editions as “Dodho Magazine”, “Private”, “Colta”, “Novaya”, “Zapovednik”, “Republic”.


Place of power
Siberia is rich in mystical stories and legends. There is a place for everything – from the bottomless lakes, which are called sacred, to the sky-high mountains that hide the secrets of the universe. The most ordinary Siberian village of Okunevo has turned into a mysterious place of power. According to legend, there is an ancient temple of an Indian god underground, and the lakes are filled with “dead water” and “water of life”. People here believe that if you take a dip in all five lakes of the Okunevo village, you can be healed of diseases of the soul and body. But who knows what magical waters hide in themselves?

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Natasha Lozinskaya