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Unfit by Alexander Bondar


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“You’ve just turned thirty and so most of your friends did. Your situation is not promising. Job, relationships, nothing stable, nothing to grab on really. It seems you’re just not cut out for it. Some of your friends got married, some of them got divorced. They are doing just fine generally. You sort of like them and you like when they are around. You’re not sure where all of it is going exactly, except for the final destination, but that’s no fun to think about it too much. And there’s also a city around you, bigger than you can remember, bigger than you can photograph. Unfit for life and terribly cozy at the same time, like an empty grave covered with snow.”


Limited edition of 25
Inkjet print
Cardboard cover, sewn-binding
Signed and numbered by the author
Size 14x20cm, 128 pages

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Weight 400 g
Dimensions 14 × 20 cm