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Vitaly Severov. Summer Shore


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Photographed 2016-2018, White Sea,
Summer Shore coastal area, Arkhangelsk region, Russia

Summer Shore is the geographical name of the coastal area of the White Sea and standing opposite the Winter Shore.That names gave by ethnic people of White Sea – pomors, who are lived there for centuries, which trade with Norway and living by sea. This book has the same title — «Summer Shore» and represent my journeys there and nostalgia feelings of my childhood which spend there, in a small point – Severodvinsk city. 

In this series, I try to understand how memories affect perception. The book is made as a harmonica scroll, placed in a clear plastic audiocassette case. This form conveys the idea of time, rhythm and continuity of music. The book has linear narrative that unfolds itself through the recurring images of light. I remember our home, windows were facing west. Every evening, before plunging into darkness, the sun threw the last beams of light through the windows. Where the sun was setting, the coast disappeared behind the horizon. That world left me only memories and few things. But the shore is still there and I‘ve been dreaming about traveling there.

Printed and made by author, comes in clear
plastic audiocassette case

64°38’25.8”N 39°18’00.5”E

Edition of 125

10 х 19,4 cm
52 pages
Harmonica scroll
Fotografika publishing,
Saint Petersburg, 2020

Vitaly Severov was born in 1996, Severodvinsk city, Arkhangelsk region, Russia.
He is working in post documentary photography, explore theme of public and personal memory.

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