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Vitrine. Inventing Everyday Life


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“Vitrine. Inventing Everyday Life” is an illustrated publication that documents five seasons of the international site-specific exhibition project “Local Library Window: Contemporary Art About Everyone for Everyone”, which took place in St Petersburg between 2013 and 2017. It is a project in which an exterior window of a library in a remote residential area was used as an exhibition space. Five summer seasons, from 2013 to 2017, took place at this site, where, besides this library at Maurice Thorez Prospect, 32, no cultural establishments exist nearby. This curatorial intervention aimed to move contemporary art practices beyond the usual museum-gallery life in a place of its most apparent concentration. But, this clear objective was not apparent in the beginning. The inclusion of our project into the parallel programme of Manifesta 10 made us formulate our work that was done intuitivelyso far. Thus, by the second season, all the project’s key elements where in place: the leitmotiv of “everyday life”; the understanding of  the specific context of the remote residential area where people are not accustomed to seeing contemporary art; a guestbook was added, as well as the “Bibliography” section, which comprised books around each exhibition’s theme compiled by the librarians. In the long run, the project unexpectedly became something more than just a curatorial intervention. If the first show was almost closed down by local authorities less than a week after opening, then five years later, the same authorities gave the library the “Best Project of the Year” award. Now, a few years later, we can summarize this experience as the following: the first season was the most romantic; the second was the most high-profile and international; the third was the most local; the fourth season was the most site-specific; and the fifth was the most generous in terms of premiering new works.

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