Julia Borissova. DOM (House. Object. Model) + Print 20х13

Julia Borissova. DOM (House. Object. Model) + Print 20х13
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Self published art book +  + print 20 x 15 cm ( edition of 25 of each motif)

The second edition of 75 copies

15 x 20 cm

Gatefold softcover, swiss brochure

48 pages including 12 four-panel gatefolds + 20 p. booklet

Language: Russian


In my project I refer to the concept of home. “Dom” means a house, home, building in Russian language.

What the image will be always depends on the topic that I explore. Listening to myself, I find something, that resonates in me, some images and I start working on their visualization. I invent what I want to photograph and then I just create the image.

Working on this project, I had myself to create objects for my shooting, to see them sculpturally, to do the installation. As a model for creation of the maquette of houses, I chose the particular type of masshousing. These homes I decided to remove from their usual context and put in some kind of scenery to create theatrical illusions, to make a collage of the real and the imaginary life, where model of the house becomes the embodiment of reality and the real landscape is transformed into the theater sets.

Further I planted flowers in the makets and I’m watching as they are germinating. I’m photographing this process, thinking about how our concept of home is changing over time and how it is transforming in connection with the place in which we live. In the next part of this project, I felt the need to dive from the outside into the interior space and not only in the space of “Home”, but also in the memory. I wanted to cross the threshold of my associations, so I designed some sort of interior, I built decorations from cardboard, which were immediately destroyed after I did a photo. Creating images for me is a kind of game, an attempt to create a non-existent reality. A photographic medium is never enough for me, I always feel the need to expand its borders, to move beyond the bounds of standard receiving of the photographic image.

So, I invent new ways, new language, which I can speak, making my experiences of a certain theme visible to the viewer. The project “DOM” won the first place in the competition “The Baltic Photo Biennale. Photomania” in the Fine Art category, and was represented at the group exhibition in the International festival of photo art in Kaliningrad, Russia in August 2013, in the “Taiga Space,” St. Petersburg, 2013, at the Exhibition ‘Look into it’, Moscow, 2014.

Julia Borissova


Review on Frame Publishers https://www.frameweb.com/news/from-devo-to-warhol

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Julia Borissova




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