The Hermitage Magazine №1-2 (18), 2012 MMXII.IV

The Hermitage Magazine №1-2 (18), 2012 MMXII.IV

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The topics of this issue of the Hermitage magazine are unique pieces of the Hermitage collection: “Bronze man”, adornments of golden filigree from Catherine II`s “Chinese” collection, exhibition of dagguerreotypes, Annie Leibovitz, Yusupov “marbles” by Antonio Canova, Ilya and Emilia Kabakovs`  installation “Red Wagon” and other.

The fund Hermitage-Italy and its general secretary Maurizio Cecconi, Sergei Eisenschtein, Aleksandr Sokurov, Faust, Henry Moore, Maryino, the blockade Hermitage, Antonio Canova`s Italian adresses are the special places and persons of the issue.

Authors: M. Piotrpvsky, Maria Menshikova, Sergei Androsov, Yulia Kantor, Olga Zimina, Sergei Khachaturov and others. Layout by Andrei Shelyutto.

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