Amplitude № 1. Margo Ovcharenko. Moscow Hermitage

Amplitude № 1. Margo Ovcharenko. Moscow Hermitage
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Margo Ovcharenko’s in her series Hermitage is capturing young adults who struggle to fit into adult life, mostly in their moments of solitude and contemplation. Her subjects are people of her age which she met through social networks. Her subjects and her share share somewhat similar experiences in growing up in post soviet Russia with its political and cultural shift.

Margo’s subjects often reenact their childhood memories and some of these are memories of being punished by their parents or their teachers. Other images have focus on the surface of the skin, like rashes or bruises. Which to Margo is a way to show the materiality of the body, but also a metaphor for a kind of friction with the real world that body has. Artist is aiming to get to the root of communication gap and violence towards a body, both in self harm and abusing others.

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