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Igor Mukhin. Born in the USSR


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The second edition of the famous book by the wellknown Russian photographer Igor Mukhin.

The new edition contains an additional section with 24 new photos.


Mukhin first made his name in the late 1980s. As part of Immediate Photography, an underground grouping that included Boris Mikhailov and Alexander Slyusarev, he documented the crumbling remains of Soviet monumental propaganda. Soon, however, he went on to find his own individual style. Rejecting the social criticism of dissident art, he began to strike a more optimistic note, focusing his lens on the day-to-day lives of Russian youth.

This theme is on ample display in “Born in the U.S.S.R.” The teens and twentysomethings, who populate Mukhin’s photographs are a lively bunch — they swim, sunbathe, arm-wrestle, hug their boyfriends awkwardly in the street, wave banners at various kinds of political demonstrations, gaze at the fireworks on New Year’s Eve and stick their tongues out at the camera.

The Moscow Times


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Language: Russian

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