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Julia Borissova. Looking for Dimitry


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‘Looking for Dimitry’ is a book created to reveal my photo research for my project
‘Dimitry’ during several years.
I have been interested to create images, which evoke a sense of place out of time,
to find something that is not on the surface, hidden from the eyes, which stimulates
the imagination.
The inspiration for my investigation came from the story the last son of Ivan the
Terrible, Tsarevich Dimitry, who died under mysterious circumstances in 1591. Even
now, centuries later, people still speculate at the various causes of his death.
To develop my story, I have leaned into photo-collage, intertwined with landscape
The different approaches I used in each book reflect a look at everyday life,
architecture and nature inside and around of small Russian towns by the Volga
River. In these places, the past and the present are magically combined, like some
collage elements that add layers of additional imagery to the underlying landscapes
and urban views.
“The faceless Dimitry is everywhere and nowhere, above the rooftops and
transformed into flowering greenery, the push and pull between painted scenes and
photographic reality interwoven into a hybrid world where the distant past tangibly
impacts the here and now.” (By Loring Knoblauch, Collector Daily)

Julia Borissova


Size: 14×20 cm, 80 pp + 15 transparent pages + 13×18 cm Postcard

The edition: 150 copies, hand-binded, numbered, and signed.

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Weight 350 g
Dimensions 14 × 20 cm