Ludmila Tabolina. Pilgrimage to the literature places

Ludmila Tabolina. Pilgrimage to the literature places
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135 pages, published at 2011

Tabolina Ludmila takes a monocle - lens simple, consisting of a concave-convex lens. Using myagkorisuyuschey optics and mastery of ancient printing techniques formed the basis of a recognizable author's handwriting, which reflects the development of the pictorial tradition (beautiful) photos. For adherents of this trend, which appeared in the second half of the XIX century, photography was creative, based on the laws of painting. Pictorialists "raised" light painting to the level of high art. Consciously avoiding the documentary, which is characteristic for consumer photography, they have created landscapes, still lifes, genre scenes plain. Simplifying the composition and turning to familiar subjects, masters of pictorialism returned paramount importance of artistic techniques.

A member of the Photoartists' Union since 1972. The participant of more than twenty exhibitions. Five personal shows in Russia and abroad. There are three books on St.Petersburg illustrated by Tabolina. Creative seminar in USA. Works in pictorial style. Uses mainly monocle lens.

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