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Olga Matveeva. Intrusion (book and print)


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For the series “Intrusion” I have collected documentary and staged photographs, produced in Serbia, Slovenia and Russia in 2015 – 2016. They were combined into a metaphoric story that consists of mythological forms and legends with a reference to inevitably repeating milestones in the history.

When the night falls we are charmed by vampires, chimeras and other seductive creatures, luring us into the world of a sweet anabiosis.


According to ancient legends, vampires appeared on the Earth at the same time as the first people. They changed, mutating and imitating. If we interpret vampirism wider than a myth about aristocratic bloodsuckers, we may assume that each of us carries an element which, unrevealed up to a certain time, is able to turn any human into a savage monster. The history moves spirally – despite external changes the essence of events and their form in many ways repeat the previous ones: tyrannical rulers and their regimes, internecine wars, the global remaking of geopolitical spheres of influence, new inquisition and crusades, the dominance of surrogate social and political ideas, which are repeated by leaders of the countries, etc. The terrible and the beautiful change places; in war we see ecstasis that is close to sexual one, in sex we see alienation of death, and the death itself acquires grim aesthetic deepness. But actually the smooth, aloof mask of any vampire is just a symbol of global deception. His actions look like a lifecycle of a virus. And here the most interesting thing happens – in the process of being enslaved the prey gradually becomes an accomplice. We accept this game, and maybe all this isn’t even conformism, but our genetic predisposition that gives us a chance to find salvation in a moment of crisis? Sweet anabiosis instead of non-existence, while real life is left behind the scenes. They are so close and yet so different – parts of countries, myths, and genitalia – all this is merging in an endless striving to invade and accept, to give and succumb, to own and belong. A greasy lens is projecting horrible figures with broken wings onto black house fronts. These forms drive us from one night to another, deforming and transforming bodies, but we are already ready for anything. Explosions cover the sky with multicolor fireworks, while everybody has already supped and is now stealthily looking out of the windows of their stuffy bedrooms.

70 pages

10 copies

inkjet print on cotton archival paper 12x16cm




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